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Update - June 13 of 2015

Thank you all for signing my petition to the White House on Change org - June 2016

Edith Komes
Nijmegen the Netherlands, Niederlande

13. Juni 2015 — I just wanted to give you a quick update on the situation of my dad who is getting tortured. 

I have just this week send an enregistered letter to the Dutch Minister of the Interior (Ronald Plasterk) in response to a letter from him that I have received on April 8 of 2015. Mr. Plasterk who is responsible for the behavior of the Dutch secret service AIVD (who according to the Dutch King Willem-Alexander is aiding and assisting Clark with my dad's torture) claims in his letter of April 8, that the AIVD would not do anything like that, furthermore he claims that has send me this letter in anwser to an e-mail from me that he claims I would have send to him on February 5 of 2015. 

That is quite a dumb error that he made. On February 5 of 2015 I was spending literally 24 hours non stop on the phone calling all sorts of international government facilities, like for example the German federal police BKA, the office of the German defence minister Mrs. Von der Leyen and I distingtly remember that at 17.00 hours that day I was phoning the secretary of Mr. Stoltenberg at NATO headquarters in Brussels who was telling me straight away that the timing was not great because NATO had a summit in Brussels that day with all of the defense ministers of Europe being present and she was therefore very busy. So I had no time what so ever to send around any e-mail to the Dutch AIVD or Mr. Plasterk. Of course it is not a giant surprise that NATO would easily communicate with all sorts of secret services and it is also no suprise to me that the Dutch AIVD is permanetly hanging inside my own phone connection. So they must have followed every word that I was saying through my phone that day. It is however a very dumb mistake to put on paper that I would have send them an e-mail message on that particular day and have the Dutch minister of the Interior sign the lies that they have put on paper.

In response I have written 5 pages describing how the Dutch King has admitted to me on September 26 of 2010 and on November 17 of 2010 that the Dutch secret service AIVD is aiding Clark with my dad's torture. So I am very very curious as to the next round of lies and bullshit that Plasterk is going to send me in return.

Furthermore I recently finally managed to find a lawyer who wants to take on the case despite of it being complicated. Even though my female lawyer is very strict about certain things and claims that I need to be the one that investigates every little detail about the situation and must prove the case myself, because of the fact that the very corrupt Dutch police in Nijmegen (the city where I live) is aiding Clark with the torture and therefore refuses to investigate anything. So I was trying to make her understand that people do not always have a camera ready when they get confronted with a situation where someone is getting tortured. That is just not realistic. Grabbing a camera is usually not the very first instinct that one has, when getting forced to witness a torture situation. 

Since I have started pressing criminal charges against Wesley Clark in May of 2010 I have pressed criminial charges against him with the police in Nijmegen, (the place where I live and therefore the only place where I can press criminal charges in the Netherlands) but also with the German federal police BKA (the German equivelant of the FBI), as well as the Kripo in Wittlich Eifel (the local police close to where my family lives in Germany) as well as the Belgian police in Antwerp. Antwerp is where my dad got castrated on June 26 of 1999. Wesley Clark was present in his green NATO uniform. 2 Belgian police guys of the Antwerp police who had brought me to the Stuyvenberg Hospital where this took place, have taken pictures of my violently bleeding dad who at the time was handcuffed to a hospital bed and had his own cut off penis in his mouth. Clark was very proud of what he had just done. Only about 10 month later, in April of 2000 I needed to visit a furniture fair in Milan, Italy and was spending time right over the Italian border in a Hotel called Hotel Village au Lac in Zwitserland. Within a few hours after my arrival in that Hotel Clark showed up and after breaking into my hotel room in the middle of the night (he got seen by the Swiss police who had been called), he was the next morning claiming that so Clark literally: " is your fault that I got fired from my NATO job......" At that time in April of 2000 I had not yet pressed criminal charges against him anywhere, so it could not possibly have been my fault, but it is of course very possible that the 2 police guys of the Antwerp police who had taken the pictures had presented their evidence to Nato and that this in combination with Clarks usual way too aggressive and very unsubtile behavior contributed to the fact that he got fired from his NATO job somewhere in the summer of 1999. The official version at Wikipedia is that Clark received a phone call from the US defense minister in the summer of 1999 informing him that he would be relieved of his duties per May of 2000.

So it is very uncertain if NATO or the Pentagon had the good sense to get rid of a nasty torturer straight away, the moment that they noticed what a nasty criminal animal Clark really is. I find that an unrealistic idea given the behavior and mentality that the Pentagon has shown in Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo. It would be great if both Nato and Pentagon would fire everyone straight away that shows criminal behavior. The sad reality however is, that these facilities have criminal behavior themselves and find it very normal to get away with it.

Because of financial reason (I have not been working since 2010) I can not afford to send around hundreds of enregisterd letters every week otherwise I would. (1 letter per enregisterd snail mail costs 7,50 euro in the Netherlands). But I do plan to send letters describing the situation in great detail to the White House, to NATO plus to the Dutch Royal family.

They will have to answer to my letters and in all likelyhood will end up putting blatant lies on paper. That of course is not fun but will help me in the long run to make the case in court in the future. The difficulty in this particular case is that I am not only forced having to battle against 1 particular corrupt government but I am forced to battle against 3 or 4 corrupt governments who all took part in the situation and seem to find it the most normal thing in the world that they would be allowed to commit such heinous crimes as torturing a very innocent person for such a long time (remember Clark started to torture my dad as far back as 1992, so this situation has been going on for more than 23 years by now) and would have a right to get away with this shit.

Among other things I will demand an anwser from both Nato as well as from the White House if Clark ever had any orders to target my family and torture my dad.
Of course the answer that I expect is the usual lies: No we do not torture, our government never does such things and of course he had no orders. 

If Clark would have orders to go and torture a certain person, either Nato or the White House would never want to admit that but it actually very much seems to me that fucking Clark has always done whatever he wants and his following the needs of his large ego and just expects to get away with it because he used to work for the Pentagon. I can not find any motivate that either Nato or the White House could have to give him such orders. But once this very criminal behavior has taken place, both Nato and the White House do not want the embarrassment and help to cover up the crime.

The entire situation is a giant outrage and I would have to be very wealty to be able to hire good private investigators plus a team of at least 4 lawyers (1 for each country that Clark has tortured in) in order to have a good chance to get something done. And at the same time I very much doubt that a criminal psychopath like Clark would ever dare to torture someone who is either wealthy or a celebrity (like for example Richard Branson or Bill Gates) because even criminal psychopath's or sadist's chose their victims partly on what they expect to get away with.

As one of you stated in his comment: It is unimagineable that anyone would ever make up such a complicated and unpleasend story about torture, if this was not true. That is very correct. If I was an attention seeker, I would certainly try to come up with a much easier, uncomplicated and preferably positive story to gain attention. It makes no sense at all to tell a very complicated and negative story because that is not at all what people like to hear.

I can certainly think of many positive things that I would much rather do with my time than having to spend my days trying to figure out how to make a dent in a battle against multiple very corrupt governments, with no budget at all. It is not a battle that anyone would ever chose to have to fight. But I do not have a choice.

Giving up on my dad and getting used to the idea that it has to be ok that he is getting violently tortured is certainly not an option. And just forgetting about what I know, is also not an option. Even if I would not succeed in my goal to bring him back alive (my dad has turned 83 years old on March 18 of 2015), it seems that I will be forced to keep busy with this case for the rest of my live.

It makes no sense to ever give up because Clark does not ever leave me in peace There is not a single firm that I have worked for since 1992 that did not receive visits from Clark with lies, libel, slander and bullshit in order to stalk and harass me at my work. So even if I wanted to go back to work, I could expect more trouble from fucking Clark anyway. So even after my dad passes away I will have to keep battling the evil empires that are helping to cover up this very heinous case because I have a very strong believe that this situation is so outraggeous that we should never allow something like this to ever happen again.

In answer to someone's question on here, why I feel that the electric chair would be appropriate for Clark: Clark is a US citizen, the very corrupt Dutch police even uses that fact to try and sell the idea that they would not be allowed to investigate him which is total bullshit. Under international law the police in every country of Europe is required to take down criminal charges and start investigating. Even though Europe does not have the death penalty anymore, the US does and given the very heinous nature of Clarks crimes and the fact that if you torture someone long enough (in my dads case 23 years by now) you will end up committing a murder in the first degree. Many laws even consider the motives why someone committed a crime like murder. Certain reasons are considered especially heinous, like for example greed, jealousy or killing someone in order to wipe away the witness of another crime is considered especially heinous. But also hate crimes committed out of rasist motives are also considered especially heinous. 
I have reason to believe that Clark is torturing my dad out of a racist motive. 
Clark has had more than 23 years to reconsider his actions that seems like plenty of time to find a consciense if he had one. It is plenty of time to wake up, turn around and try to solve the situation in a positive manner.

So I am going to keep pushing and asking for the most strict penalty that the US justice system has. And that is the electric chair. I am very much aware that it is not realistic to believe that Clark will end up on it. But it does help me to voice my anger. I also find Clarks crime of very bloody torture way more heinous than for example robbing a store and by accident shooting someone in the head of the moment. 

I have dared to put on paper multiple times that I consider shooting Clark perfectly legal and self defence if he dares to come around again and have send that message to all sorts of international police facilities and judges plus district attorneys. It is my way of trying to convince these people that they need to do their fucking job and investigate the case or I will of course be forced to take matters into my own hands. I have no clue if that works but I am pretty fed up with the mountains of bullshit that I receive from all sorts of international government facilites all trying to convince me that no one is quite the right facility to investigate anything.

For example: The torturing and lying Dutch police claim that: A. they would not have enough time to investige. B. they would not be allowed to investigate because Clark is an American (total BS) and C. they would as a local police station be way to small to investigate either the Pentagon or NATO. They do however not feel too small to torture, rape, steel and lie about it.

The German former minister of Justice (Mrs. Leutheusser Schnarrenberger) has informed me on paper that it is not at all her job to investigate anything but rather that she is in the business of creating new law. That however the police in the entire country of Germany will gladly except criminal charges and that they will than make sure that the provided information goes where it needs to go. 

Most of the police forces in the country do not see it that way. I have had police in Germany claiming that they would be unable to find any information inside their own computer even after I and other police forces had handed in detailed information to them up to 3 times. I have had police people scream at me on the phone that they do not want to receive any more information from me which is pretty weird considering that the German law stays that the police is obligated to investigate anything illegal and is even required to press criminal charges themselves the moment that they learn of a crime being committed, and that is even if they assume that they will be unable to find the evidence. And of course it must be pretty logical to anyone that it will be pretty impossible to find evidence of any crime if you are too stupid to find information inside your own computersystem or refuse to investigate anything. That has got to be the easiest way to make sure that a criminal perpetraitor gets away with his crimes by simply refusing to investigate. 

Strangley enough I have had phone calls with people inside the White House and within NATO who are very friendly and very correct and to the point with their information. The White House has stated on the phone that the FBI would not be allowed to investigate the Pentagon. Nato has people who have studied law and are very correct with their information and actually pretend that it is perfectly normal for the police in any country to just take down criminal charges, and than start an investigation of the case regardless who has committed the crime. 

Of course there is no reason why Nato should feel threatened by any police investigation. They know very well that most police stations are not jumping with joy by the idea of having to investigate either the Pentagon or Nato. 

I had a very interesting phone call with a district attorny in Berlin a few years ago who had been particularly creative in his way to let me know on paper that he does believe my story but will nevertheless not investigate anything. On the phone he was stating: Well if the BND (German equivelant of the CIA) is involved in the case, even I as a district attorney will not be able to get any information out of them so I will not be able to make the case. 

That particular district attorney had taken a situation in September of 2007 that I had described on paper as Clark stalking me once again along the German highway and turned that into an attempted murder on me. The district attorney was declaring on paper that he had opened a case into the investigation of an attempted murder on me and closed the case the same day for reasons of not being able to find the prove of it. Most other district attorneys are usually using the much easier and way more logical statement that if no crime has occured within their own jurisdiction it is not their place to investigate the case. 

The funny thing about this particular district attorney is however, that while I had described the situation along the German highway of September 2007 as Clark stalking me once again and nothing else, there are reasons to assume that Clark was entertaining the notion of getting me killed that day, but decided against it because he could not get away with it unseen. Clark was travelling in a black BMW with belgian lisence plates as usual when he is travelling in Europe. So it very much seems as if Nato would still be aiding the criminal shit with material (cars) as well as information (satellite equipment) in order to find my exact location at all times. There were people in my area, that same day, while Clark was present that seemed to be working for the German Army. As if Clark had lend some equipment of Nato to try and get me killed and the German Army was just present at the location to let him know that they did not intent to tolerate more shit from him. That is what the situation looked like to me but of course an attempted murder that did not take place is very difficult to prove and when sending information to the police I try to stay factual and not further complicate the story by describing fuzy stuff that seems like it good be going on. All the more surprising that this district attorney takes a situation that I had described as Clark stalking me once again and calls it an attempted murder on me, but is making a fuzz about the fact that he would not be able to receive any information from the BND. As if he had checked with either the German Army or the BND and they have informed him that what I so casualy described as stalking me in September of 2007 along the German highway was actually an attempt of Clark to get me killed. It is very possible that the criminal animal would have gone through with his plans if the German Army had not send around some people to that location.

Anyway, what I am trying to say is: Thank you all very much for taking the time to care about this and signing my petition. The case will never go away and it seems that I will be forced to keep this up for the rest of my live. But the fact that we expect our governments to obey the laws that they have often created themselves is a case that is important to make. And no one should ever be allowed to get away with very heinous torture. In my opinion it is one of the worst crimes that anyone could possibly commit. So no wonder that I find it normal to insist that Clark deserves the death penalty. Torture and pre-meditated murder are not legal in any country in the world and as much as I am not a fan of the death penalty, there are situations and crimes that are so vicious that killing the perpetraitor is the only thing that makes any sense. And fucking Clark has had more than 23 years to re-consider and change his behavior and he never does. There are plenty of people on death row in the US who have committed much lesser crimes. I can not possibly find any logic or justice in the fact that someone like Julian Assange gets persecuted for breaking a condom but that fucking Clark expects to get away with 6 counts of very bloody and outrageously long torture, 2 counts of kidnapping, 3 counts of breaking and entering, more than 23 years of stalking and harassment plus a very organized murder in the first degree if my dad does not come back and would have a right to believe that he should get away with it.

Thank you all for your support and your signature and by all means feel free to pass the information on to your friends or the media in your country.

Kind Regards,
Edith Komes